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SeoYou company offers services to win and maintain rankings of our client companies in Russian TOP10 Search Engine Lists.

We will turn your wishes into our ideas to make a project you will get new сustomers from. As simple as that.
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What’s the core of our services?

We propel the companies into Russian internet with tools like a company’s website, YouTube, and social networks.

SEO promotion on Russia internet is our primary focus so the potential client searching for a service or a product may find information about your company on the first page of search system (Google, for instance).

Our Basic Principles of Work are professionalism, fairness & commitment to be the basis for our fruitful projects aimed at successful promotion on Russian network of Web.

Our Key Objective is to provide clients with effective SEO on the Russian net.

Our Major Task is to turn Russia Network into a powerful tool vital to the success of your business.

We highly value the unique identity of each company seeking our assistance.

We find, therefore, a special solution best suited for each one of them for promotion on the Russia net.

We passionately pursue our own vision realized towards an effective and dynamic development of your business as an inevitable result of your online presence on the Russian network.

The major value we hold is in knowing how to combine past experience with recent innovations.

Russian network of Web is constantly changing, and get moving together is of importance here to achieve tangible results.

We are ready to open the door to the radiant future of our clients’ business with Russia net.

Experience + Innovations = Effective SEO Promotion


Search engine optimization (SEO), SeoYou offers, implies a complete range of services for promoting Your company on the Russian network of Internet. Each service covers multi-purpose activities involving miscellaneous multi-skilled experts. Their work is taken on to accomplish a major task at hand, i.e. to get a top 10 ranking in search engines of Russia net of Web. All promotion measures as a whole will finally lead to visibility of your company on Russian network and make your business successful.

Website Creation

Making your company’s site. A whole range: from development of site template to filling it with content.

Website Promotion

SEO Promotion of a website to search engines of Russia network of Web.

Social networks

Creation of business pages on the most popular social networks of Russia, and promotion thereof on Russian Web.

Video Content

Creating videos about Your product or services, and promotion thereof in Russian segment of the World Wide Web.

Text Content

Writing quality SEO optimised original text with keyword focused content for a website of Your company.


Comprehensive analysis of a website, its structure, and content for further search engine optimization on Russia networks.


Services in package = effective SEO

We create website, videos, and pages on social networks, skillfully handled as the buiding blocks of solid SEO promotion structure.

Be sure, with SeoYou you will get the desired result and find your company in TOP10 rankings in major search engines of Russian network of Web. That is what we call an effective SEO.

In other words, after typing a query your potential client will see among the first search engine results:

  • Your website;
  • Video about Your company;
  • Your company’s business page on social networks.
SeoYou services delivered in package provide effective SEO promotion on Russia network of Internet.

Why we deem it better to master the Russian network of Internet with us?

For we are your right partner!

Together we shall unlock the limitless potential of Russian network of Web.


For, Russia net is an ocean of opportunities. And our company is a ship keeping its course and reaching its ultimate goal of making your company visible on Russia network of Web.


Our ship’s crew is excellent, as long as each expert is a master of his craft. Smooth operation of our team ensures timely achieving the desired results.


Getting to TOP 10 is an art! Our creative specialists are at your service to achieve such an outstanding result.

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